What is MWBE Certification?

   MWBE = Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise

The City of Rochester is seeking certified women and minority-owned firms to compete for construction, professional services, and other public contracts.

If you are already certified as an MWBE, contact the Bureau of Purchasing at vendors@cityofrochester.gov to learn about new opportunities. 

If you are interested in getting certified as an MWBE, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate that your business enterprise is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned, operated and controlled, independently of any other business, by one or more minority or women-owners, in accordance with Article 15-A and the MWBE regulations.

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Why should I get my business certified?

Benefits to MWBE Certification include:

  • Your certified firm will be listed in the public NYS Contract MWBE Directory and the City of Rochester MWBE Directory
  • Your firm can attract new business.
  • Your firm can access MWBE procurement and/or contracting opportunities with NYS Agencies and Authorities.
  • Your firm can access a statewide network of services and support for MWBEs: invitations for business development workshops, webinars, classes and customized technical assistance targeted to MWBEs.
  • You can access lending and bonding programs created for state-certified MWBEs.

How do I get my business certified?

Use the MWBE Certification assessment tool to help determine if your business meets the eligibility requirements.

A formal application may be filed through the New York State Contract System. Scroll down to MWBE Certification, click on “Certify or Recertify with New York,” and click “Create Account” to enroll in the NYS vendor management system and submit your application.

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