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What is Zoning?

Zoning is the means by which communities regulate the use of land and buildings to protect and promote the quality of life within their boundaries.

Under the Zoning Code, every City property is located in a specific zoning district and has an established legal use.

The Manager of Zoning must approve all Certificates of Zoning Compliance (CZC). The issuance of a Certificate establishes that a project or proposal complies with and meets all required zoning regulations for the requested approval. It is required before a Building Permit can be issued. 

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Can you use a particular site for your intended purpose?

Check the current zoning of an address using the Zoning Map on the City Property Information site. 

Zoning Map

If you cannot find your zoning information using the map tool, check with zoning personnel at

What can I do to change the Established Legal Use of a property?

Every City property has an established legal use. To change, establish, or legalize the use of a property, you must submit an application to the City. Questions can be directed to

Application to Change, Establish, or Legalize Use

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